Being too smart is *your* problem.

Thông minh quá cũng là vấn đề. Đây là một số biểu hiện:

1. Chán dự án
2. Không nhìn thấy tương lai
3. Anh em xung quanh thấy "ổn", trong khi mình thấy nhiều issue, rooms for improvement
4. Sếp không có tầm hình cho chính hắn, cho bạn, cho phòng/công ty
5. Công ty không thấy được giá trị của bạn
7. Không ai chỉ lối/hướng dẫn được cho mình

Vậy phải làm gì khi đó?
1. Tìm việc mới
2. Trở thành lãnh đạo
3. Làm việc 1 mình

Tham khảo:


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on ad market: The winners take it all.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn add up to 66.3 percent year-over-year increase for ad market, that is $6.12 billion in ad revenue in 2014 for U.S. online ad market.

U.S. ad revenue in 2014:
– Facebook’s s: $5.02B
– Twitter $816.4M
– LinkedIn $282.9M


Scrumbut: Is that good or bad

Simply but, "Scrum but" means "We are using Scrum, but <however|some reasons>…".

That means, it is meant to not to be truly Scrum.

I am sorry for using the word "Scrumbut" but I don’t mean to blame or insult anyone 😉

Ken Schawaber recommend​s​ replacing the word "Scrumbut" with "Scrum And.

"Scrum And" is a path to continuous improvement.
Let’s say we are at Scrum+0. Let’s cirle to loop PDCA and move to Scrum+1, Scrum+2 and so on.

Examples of "Scrumbut":

  1. "We use Scrum, but we don’t do Retrospectives (for some projects) for every sprints"
  2. "We use Scrum, but we don’t have a working software after 4 sprints"
  3. "We use Scrum, but sometimes our managers give us special tasks"

Is Scrumbut bad?
No and Yes. Scrum is an Agile toolkit and it is used as a management method. To meet our goals, adopting or transforming Agile or do what we think is needed.