What Makes a Great CTO?

Câu hỏi: What Makes a Great CTO?
Chủ đề: RACI của CTO và CIO khác nhau thế nào?


The CTO will serve as the company spokesperson for the product development/technology organization, demonstrating leadership in the community, with developers, partners and customers. This is often measured by establishing a university relations/recruitment program, and sponsoring or participating in at least two events per year in the developer community.​


Build an excellent organization, with a strong management team committed to developing the skills of your employees. We typically measure effectiveness here by looking at development plans for all of the employees, the retention rate, and the evaluation of the managers and the overall product organization by the rest of the company.


Make sure this organization can rapidly, reliably and repeatedly deliver quality product to market. There are several measures of delivery, including some measure of the quantity of work delivered, the consistency and frequency of release vehicles, and the quality/reliability of the delivered/launched software. Some organizations just look at reliability here, but productivity in the sense of quantity and quality is the real key.


Make sure the company has an architecture necessary to deliver the functionality, scalability and performance it needs to in order to compete and thrive. The measures for architecture will vary based on your business, but in general we look to track and measure headroom/infrastructure work, and measure site outages due to architectural issues.


Make sure that the architecture and senior engineering staff are participating actively, and contributing significantly, throughout product discovery. If your engineers and architects are only being used to write software then you are only getting a fraction of the value from them you should be. We suggest you track the participation of the product development/technology organization in product discovery (both duration and coverage), and the number of innovations that are credited to the engineering/architecture participant. It is also useful, although a little sensitive, to track changes to schedule post-discovery (churn), as you are always trying to reduce churn.

​ref. http://www.svpg.com/what-makes-a-great-cto/


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