Something about Slack (versus Chatwork)

Something about Slack (versus Chatwork):

– Easy to mention people, group with @, just like FB, twitter: @peopleName, @groupName, or @all.

– (Paid) Connect customers/external partner: Get outsiders to the channels.

– Really well integration:
+ Integrate with Jira, Trello. Change assignee on Slack.
+ Paste files on Google Drive (and dropbox). Preview/view like (like FB’s file), not only showing just the links

– Great search engine: Better than chatwork.

– Better UI/UX than Chatwork. More Ajax.

– Great API, much better than Chatwork.

– English is more friendly with international users.

– 1B$ invested. Great potential, great investment:

– Many SepTech’s members have been using Slack and they are giving very postivie feedbacks about Slack.

Slack integration:


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