Some thoughts about “Practical Advice for Agile Planning and Collaboration” webminar

Some thoughts about "Practical Advice for Agile Planning and Collaboration" webminar

What I’ve learnt/got:

1. Practical advice,
2. For Agile planning,
3. With Jira and its tools (Hipchat & Confluence to be specific)

4. It is important to start with an Agile mindset
5. Agile planning involves top managers, product managers, business, developers and operations
6. "Epic" is a term to learn. It is vital for Agile planning with Jira Agile
7. Almost everything in planning can be automated with Jira and Atlassian’s tools
8. A Hipchat chat group for each group/team/goals. Hipchat enables real-time messaging
9. Connecting requirements to tasks goes through
High level requirements -> Middle level requirements -> (Task), or it can be expressed in other terms:
Features -> (User) Story -> Tasks
10. How requirements are defined: (Business) Decisions -> (Business) Requirements -> Roadmap
We also have to define what we have to do below the Roadmap level
11. Expand Requirements Domain Model: Initiative -> Features -> (User) Story -> Tasks
12. Requirements need to be prioritized, validated, confirmed and executed before going to the market
13. A typical flow until going live: Backlog -> Scoping -> Release backlog -> Development -> Testing -> Go live
14. Tear down the wall between developers and operators

15. Define, decompose, manage, and track product requirements
16. Connect distributed Business, service, development and operation teams using technology (Jira, Confluence, Hipchat)



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