Agile Tour 2014 (Hanoi): Beyond Agile: practices and mindset


Topic: "Beyond Agile: practices and mindset"

At Septeni Technology, we’ve been trying to apply Agile practices and and its principles for over two years for IT projects as well as web-based services since the beginning of the company. In this session, as a case study, with the purpose of sharing our knowledge, I would like to share our best practices for applying Agile, the tools we are using, the mindset we must have for applying Agile successfully.

About Nguyen Vu Hung

Nguyen Vu Hung is the CTO of Septeni Technology, a development center of Tokyo based Septeni Group that focuses on developing and operating, mostly, web-based online advertisement systems. He has numerous years of IT and software development, project/product management in both Japan and Vietnam. Considering himself as a FOSS and Agile evangelist and being a Agile lover and an CTO, he is also interested in not-so-related domains such as human resource management and (organization) (re)structuring.