ProjectLibre Project Management Software: được đánh g iá là project of the month bởi Hy vọng phần mềm này tốt hơn Ope n Proj ;)

ProjectLibre: the open source replacement of Microsoft Project


to the ProjectLibre community. ProjectLibre was just voted open source ‘Project of the Month’ in our first month!!!!! Thank you to the community, it is important as we are looking to grow the usage of our open source replacement of Microsoft Project with a vibrant international community. You can join the community today! The ProjectLibre team were the founders and developers of open source software downloaded more than 4 million times around the world. ProjectLibre is a major open source addition as the leading alternative to Microsoft Project. We have released the beta and it was downloaded the first few days in 134 countries Download Now!!!!

The ProjectLibre team has a tremendous focus and passion for project management software. The team has lead many of the industries innovations dating from mainframe project software to releasing the first web-based project management software. ProjectLibre’s open source solution will accelerate deployments of project management software worldwide. ProjectLibre beta is a major improvement including:

  • – Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010
  • – New Ribbon User Interface
  • – Printing feature (wow, how was that not available)
  • – Major bug fixes & more


is the October 2012 Project of the Month. ProjectLibre is an Open Source alternative to Microsoft Project. It’s a fairly new project, but it’s derived from a much older one – OpenProj – that has been dormant for several years. It’s off to a very strong start, having been downloaded in more than 175 countries in its first month. And they’ve put together a strong community site where there are thousands of registered users from around the world.” – by


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