Optimize Redmine, server’s specification to run Redmine

Jon Lumpkin wrote:
> We are currently hosting Redmine on a Windows machine, and having not only constant crashes, but slow performance too (we use the Bitnami setup, which has a known issue right now with EventMachine and thin). -1 Bitnami

> We plan on moving to a linux install instead, with a machine dedicated w/ 2 cores and 4GB of RAM.

That is enough.

> I was curious though, what are some optimal setups? For example, can any information be shared about what Redmine.org actually uses setup wise?

I don’t need any optimization technique because my data is quite small.

However, if you need to, I think speeding up mysql (database) lookup time would be the most important task.

– Issue listing time:
Completed 200 OK in 291ms (Views: 170-250ms | ActiveRecord: 8.5ms) – 1000 issues over 9 projects, 20 users in total
– CentOS 6.3
– VM, 4GB RAM, Xeon 3.6Ghz x2 on an IBM Blade 🙂
– Redmine 2.0.3
– Ruby 1.9.3
– MySQL 5.1.61, Mysql2 (driver)
– Running mode: ruby script/rails server webrick -e production 🙂


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