Requirement traceability matrix with Redmine (brainstorming)

1. How to write a requirement traceability matrix with Redmine? -> It is hard
2. Is there any Redmine plugin available to simplize this?
3. If no plugin is available, is there any way to customize, make use of Redmine to do that?
-> “redmine_traceability” is good but it does not fulfill the requirement that PMBOK shows.

My approaches:(No plugin is required)
– Define list of (IDs of) test cases,
– Define list of (IDs of) functions, modules, requirements,
– Preferly, each of them in a separated issues, tracker or a project,
– Link requirement ID with corresponding issues (test cases, functions, modules).

Drawback: Hard to track, this will not easy to see in form of a “matrix”. Cons: Easy to implement, not special requirements needed.



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